The Villages CDD Sheds Light on Stormwater Pipes and Depressions

As we do with our COVID-19 reporting, we consulted one expert source for the ongoing infrastructure problems- the Villages CDD.

Less than .10% of the stormwater pipes in The Villages have failed. For the majority of the pipes that are in need of repair, the CIPP method is successfully used. Pipe replacement is the last resort. The reason for the delay in pipe inspections and repairs is the lack of available contractors.

Stormwater pipe failures can lead to depressions, however most of the depressions in The Villages are naturally occurring. The materials and construction techniques used in The Villages infrastructure are of the highest quality, must meet stringent standards, and are approved by professional engineers and independent County inspectors.

There has been only one sinkhole in The Villages in the past 16 months. Depressions are common, and are addressed by professional and geotechnical engineers. Most depressions are treated with chemical grout and clayey soil. Repairing depressions occurring in basins are more involved, more expensive, and take longer.

If you want to learn more about these issues please call DPM at 352-753-4022.