The State of The Villages’ Healthcare Infrastructure

The UF healthcare system has been in place in The Villages (and Sumter County) for two years, and it is finally hitting its stride. Progress has been slow due to the fact UF took over in the middle of the pandemic, but the hospital board is very optimistic about the system’s future. They believe we as a community have turned the corner on Covid-19. Hospitalizations from Covid-19 are dropping at a very fast pace (at least a 30% decline week over week). Currently there is a single patient on a ventilator. This time of the year, the most common reason for hospitalization is the flu. With Covid-19 in the rear-view mirror, UF can focus on their next project: planning and preparing to build a full medical complex in the southernmost area of The Villages. This medical complex will complement the two hospitals currently serving our community.

There is also positive news when it comes to the ambulance service provider transition. The Villages’ new ambulances will be here in the fall. These state-of-the-art ambulances are being built to The Villages’ specifications and will be under the control of The Villages Health Department.

** Be sure to check back for updates – with a conversation with the Residents about their current thoughts, opinions, and experiences of our Healthcare’s current state of play. **

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