Tearing up the Track with The Villages R/C Car Racing Club

This week the Resident Report explores a club that provides equal parts fun and serious competition. The R/C Car Racing Club has 90 members, 40 of whom own more than one R/C car. The eight-year-old club has an R/C 101 group for beginners. Every Saturday the club meets and competes at the Everglades Recreation Center. There are seven classes of cars, five are for drag racing and two are for oval (think NASCAR) racing. Members register for the races at 9:00am, and the action starts at 9:30am.

Craig Allen is the president of the club, and he has an impressive “track” record when it comes to R/C cars. He started racing nine years ago while still living in Michigan. He currently owns ten cars, and he races in multiple divisions. He is proud to welcome anywhere between five and ten new members every year. To learn more about this club, or about R/C car racing in general contact Craig at callen56@yahoo.com or 517-927-5428.