New Media Outlet Launches in The Villages – What to Expect from The Resident Report

Welcome to The Resident Report! It is our goal to provide factual, relevant, and resident-centered news to The Villages and her surrounding areas. In 2021 we conducted extensive market research about media sources in The Villages. What we discovered was Villagers desperately wanted an independent, non-partisan, and resident-oriented news outlet.

Over the next coming weeks, we will begin to build a trustworthy online news source that collates a collection of local, state, and national news that we believe is important to those who live and work in the community.

The Villages is a unique, diverse, and dynamic place; the people who live and visit our community are what make this place so special. Which is why, a critical tenant of our mission is to serve as a hub of information about the happenings, people  in the Villages – driving the motto that we like to call, “For Residents, By Residents.” With that, we invite you to let us know of things you feel are important and worthy of us highlighting. We also invite you to participate in the conversation, through guest columns, letters to the editor and much more.

The Resident Report’s vision does not include being a salacious, gossip outlet filled with mugshots, speculations, or controversies for the sole purpose of creating controversy. Conversely, we will not be a mouthpiece for the developer. Far too long, particular agendas have blurred the lines of factual reporting and have left the residents to pick a side. We will look for the facts and report them to you. And where we cannot or have yet to uncover the facts, we will tell you that, too!

Please know, our sole goal is to responsibly report the news and to bring together the amazing community of The Villages. In addition to our online website, the Resident Report will also distribute a weekly newsletters that highlights stories, events, and news that are driving the day, and will also be available in various formats via social media channels and platforms.

If our mission statement appeals to you please follow us, subscribe to our newsletter, and tune in because great stories are coming soon!

Thomas Mule

Editor of The Resident Report