New Legislative Maps Will Affect The Villages

While the governor still holds the specter of a veto above the collective head of the Florida legislature, the most recently proposed Congressional maps appear they will have no effect on The Villages’ federal representation. The map outlining the new State House and State Senate districts however, will have a dramatic effect on state representation for Villagers.

For the past ten years, The Villages has been in HD 33. The new map has The Villages split up into three House districts. HD 27 will include the northernmost part of The Villages located in Marion County. HD 26 will include Lady Lake, Fruitland Park, and  Leesburg. HD 52 will include Wildwood and Sumter County’s area of The Villages.

The days of having one State Senator representing The Villages also appears to be coming to an end. The newest map divides up The Villages into three Senate districts. Lady Lake and Leesburg will now be in SD 13. Villagers in Marion County will now be in SD 9. And Sumter Villagers, along with Wildwood residents, will be in SD 11.