Is Ron DeSantis America’s Governor?

Governor DeSantis speaks at Florida State Fair kickoff in Tampa; courtesy of

This article was updated to include: “A poll conducted in late April shows Governor DeSantis has a 59% approval in the state.” 


Just as Rudy Giuliani earned the title of “America’s Mayor” after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on our nation, several data points show strong support of the direction our governor Ron DeSantis in becoming “America’s Governor.”

DeSantis, who has championed a personal freedom approach to handling the pandemic and pushed back against against the ideas of lockdowns and mandates, and as a result, has seen over hyperbolic national profile rise over the past few years. DeSantis has taken his freedom tour on the road appearing before several national audiences.

Earlier this month DeSantis co-headlined the 8th annual conference of the Federalist Society at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort. And at the end of the month, DeSantis will give a feature address at the American Conservative Union’s CPAC.

A recent Mason-Dixon poll showed independents overwhelmingly favor DeSantis 61-32, Hispanics 50-44, and under-50 49-45. This favorability is reflected in his fundraising efforts. His campaign received $7.7 million in the month of January, and it currently has $77.8 million on-hand. Compare that to his Democrat opponents, who combined have raised $8.5 million.

Polling Conducted in October 2021, 24% of Americans wanted Governor DeSantis to be the Republican Presidential nominee. A poll conducted in late April shows Governor DeSantis has a 59% approval in the state.

Where will America’s Governor appear next? Will it be the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina? We will be following and will keep you posted.