EDITORIAL: Y’all Were Wrong!

Oren Miller’s clothesline

Oren Miller was found guilty of lying under oath by a jury of six honest citizens. That is the end of the story. He isn’t special and his story is not unique. He broke the law, shunned his opportunity to plea out and come clean, and got found guilty. I fail to understand why there is so much outrage coming from the keyboard warriors. Do y’all still think he’s innocent? Why are you still making excuses for him? He’s a liar. It’s ok to admit it. In fact, you might feel better about the situation. It’s cathartic to admit what everyone- Judge Tatti, the jury, and everyone paying attention to the trial included- have known since November 18: Oren Miller is a liar.

For those who didn’t attend the trial or read about our coverage of it, indulge me for just a minute as I catch you up on what happened. Miller’s defense was nonexistent. Ditto for his defense attorney. Judge Tatti wasn’t having any of Blanchard’s b.s. Blanchard hung his hat on the “donut defense.” He would have done just as well if he blamed Miller’s dog for making the calls, just like the guy in North Carolina who blamed his dog for ordering porn on his Direct TV. If Oren paid Blanchard $2 for his work on the case, that is $3 too much. The entire audio recording of Miller’s testimony was played for the courtroom. Anyone in attendance with children heard a familiar tone. It was the tone of “I did something wrong Mommy (or Daddy) but I’m going to do my best to cover it up by lying weakly.” It is this editor’s opinion that the audio is the reason the jury only took 25 minutes to render a guilty verdict. Miller had supporters in the courtroom listening to the same audio. They had to feel like Saints fans at the end of any game this season. They knew there wasn’t a chance in hell their guy was going to win. But unlike Saints fans who know the season is over, they are still holding onto the hope of a wildcard bid in the form of a successful appeal. They really thought he did nothing wrong. And regrettably (for them) they still think that.

Despite being kicked off of Angie Fox’s Sumter County Politics FB page (by the way, it took you long enough Angie), I am aware of the excuses and conspiracy theories being thrown around by Miller’s merry band of keyboard warriors. Y’all keep contending Oren is a good guy that was wronged by the Abominable Developer. Do y’all feel any better by perpetuating this lie? Why don’t you instead try my technique: just say out loud Oren Miller is a liar.

Oren Miller can’t even tell the truth on his arrest form!

So we have the guilty verdict for perjury, we have Sunshine Law violations pending, and we have probable cause from the state’s Ethics Commission that Miller violated reporting and gifting laws when he set up his GoFundMe account. Guys, by every objective account he’s just not a good person. He lied in the sworn testimony, he lied by sticking to his story of innocence, he lied when he didn’t report the lawyer donations, and he even lied on his arrest intake form! The guy can’t help it. Lying is like oxygen to Oren Miller. Keyboard warriors, your stock is plummeting. Get out now if you want anyone in The Villages to take you seriously in the future.