December Citizens Academy Produces Four Graduates

Commissioner Ulrich with Citizens Academy Graduates

One great service Sumter County provides is the Citizens Academy. The Academy is a five-day course that gives residents a unique opportunity to learn about the County’s departments, agencies, and services. Attendees are taken on tours of County facilities while they learn about each department. Four residents graduated from December’s Academy, and all had positive feedback on the course. The new graduates were Hank Dalton, Ken Fuehrmeyer, Russell Gould, and George McCollum. Walter and Chris Lamberti have one more course to complete before they can graduate, but they shared their thoughts on what they have experienced during the course. “Every single presentation exceeded our expectation.  Questions were always answered. The Sumter County Citizens Academy was well put together. This has been an eye-opener in many ways. We gained valuable knowledge of how our tax money is spent – surprisingly well.” Fuehrmeyer said, “I thought the Academy was very informative and definitely worthwhile. I learned a great deal about the functions of the county government.”

The next Academy begins on January 10, and registration is still happening. If you would like to attend January’s Academy, please go to