COVID Tracking – By the Numbers

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Our data methodology: We pull our COVID-19 data directly from the CDC website. We will only report what the CDC publishes. The Resident Report believes the most important COVID-19 numbers are hospitalizations and deaths. Please note that the hospitalization numbers will not be 100% accurate, and do not demonstrate a difference in patients admitted WITH COVID-19 vs. patients admitted BECAUSE OF COVID-19. The hospitalization number will be a 7 day total. In the CDC’s own words: “[d]ue to inconsistent reporting and data errors, the number shown may not be a full representation of the true number of admissions.

If the CDC would publish hospitalizations from COVID-19 we would only show those numbers. Additionally, will only be reporting provisional death numbers because these figures are deaths from COVID-19, coded as U07.1. The CDC admits as much: “[p]rovisional death counts deliver the most complete and accurate picture of lives lost to COVID-19. They are based on death certificates, which are the most reliable source of data.

Editorial Note: inevitably, there will be a delay in our reporting compared to the CDC’s current death count because of four factors, which can be seen here:

Sumter County: 655 total deaths,  6 new hospitalizations

Marion County: 2169 total deaths,  27 new hospitalizations

Lake County: 1503 total deaths,  15 new hospitalizations

Unfortunately deaths were up this week. There were ten deaths in Marion and Lake Counties, and seven deaths in Sumter County. Hospitalizations were down in Sumter and Marion Counties.