Could the Dachshund Club be the Happiest Club in the Village?

While it might not be a scientifically proven fact, seeing a dachshund walking (or running) will always bring a smile to one’s face. This premise leads to the conclusion that The Dachshund Club of The Villages is the happiest club a Villager can join. Under the leadership of Anne Dobkin, this three-year-old club has grown to 65 two-legged members and 80 four-legged members. The Dachshund Club holds monthly themed events such as the Santa Winter Weenie Walk in December and the Halloweenie Weiner Walk in October. This month saw the Valentine’s Day Love Match, where the four-legged members dressed up and paired up for a walk at Lake Sumter Landing. In addition to hosting fun monthly events, the club participates in philanthropy work. They have hosted and donated to the Low Riders Dachshund Rescue of FL. On average the club sees 15-20 members at their events. If you would like to join the Dachshund Club please contact Anne at or 352-205-3921.